How to map IP addresses in bash prompt

Image by Indeterminate licensed under Public Domain via Commons

I regularly log into different Linux machines on the cloud and find complicated to identify on which machine I am by looking at the bash prompt. In fact, in cloud environments the bash prompt tends to  show an ugly internal IP address which I can never memorize. Plus, I always fear to log into the production environment by mistake and run experimental commands intended to be executed in the development environment.

In order to overcome my fears, I put together few lines of bash code to be added at the beginning of ~/.bashrc:

# get public IP address
alias myip="curl -s"

# display environment in bash prompt
case $(myip) in ) PS1="[\u@\h DEV \W]\$ "
        ;; ) PS1="[\u@\h STAGE \W]\$ "
        ;; ) PS1="[\u@\h LIVE \W]\$ "
    * ) PS1="[\u@\h OTHER \W]\$ "

Line 2 retrieves the IP address from an external web service and map it to myip. Lines 5-14 modify the bash prompt (PS1) based on the value of myip and each IP address (e.g. is mapped to a string appearing in the prompt (e.g. DEV).


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