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How to do an svn checkout with a different username

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The other day I had to do an svn checkout from an Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance and, of course, my user name on SVN was different from the user name on the AWS instance  which is by default ec2-user.  So how to do a checkout from a Subversion repository and specify at the same time the SVN user who is performing the checkout? Subversion has a handy username parameter,  here is the full command with some dummy output.

[ec2-user@ip-172-31-9-166 ~] $ svn checkout --username mysvnusername http://www.example.org/mysvnrepository

Authentication realm: <http://www.example.org:80> USVN
Password for 'mysvnusername': **********


ATTENTION!  Your password for authentication realm:
   <http://www.example.org:80> USVN
can only be stored to disk unencrypted!  You are advised to configure
your system so that Subversion can store passwords encrypted, if
possible.  See the documentation for details.

You can avoid future appearances of this warning by setting the value
of the 'store-plaintext-passwords' option to either 'yes' or 'no' in

Store password unencrypted (yes/no)? no

A    mysvnrepository/file

Checked out revision 3027.

You will be asked to enter your SVN password and if you want to store your password unencrypted. I suggest to select no for the latter for security reasons but this means that you will need to provide the SVN password every time you perform an SVN command.